Wear: Fashion Capsule with Martina

WEAR: This grungeball will explore what others love about fashion and the looks they create. I partnered with Martina, my San Diego bff and blogger/creator of http://sandiegonoire.com, who's challenged to create a fashion capsule of 3 pieces she can't live without. Each piece tells a story, lends a feel, and completes a look. As stylish as closets can be, they're also smothering. On the way out, we celebrate Janelle Monae coming out of hers, in all her shining unicorn glory! We also celebrate everyday people who are brave enough to live out loud and live their truth.

So Necessary: check out http://sandiegonoire.com and get some intimate behind the show details and see how Martina Trejo weaves together a beautiful story, in an unlikely place.